Friday, July 11, 2014

Services Offered By Gelty

Here is a list of services we offer at Gelty in the Denver market.  Take advantage of promotional pricing by contacting us at 720-335-2933 or and mentioning this blog.

Closet Edit -  We can help you go through your closet and determine what you have that is still working for you and identify what you need to complete your wardrobe.
Catalog Your Clothes – We create a look book for you so you no longer have to say “I have nothing to wear” by taking pictures of outfits we can put together after your closet edit.
Resale Drop Off – We will take your old clothes to the local resale shops we work with.  Let your outdated fashion become someone else’s find.  Any money you earn from the resale is yours to keep!  Anything that isn’t sold or accepted by a resale shop we will happily donate for you.
Personal Shopping – We make it easy by pre-shopping for you.  We identify what you need to complete your wardrobe, you determine your budget and we hit the dressing room from there. 
Online Shopping - We can do the looking for you online and let you know what we find.  This is the perfect solution if you hate to go shopping.
Clothing Delivered – If the thought of going to the mall sends you into panic mode and online shopping isn’t your thing, we can do the shopping for you. We deliver choices to your home and return anything you don’t like.
Monthly Subscription  -  We can visit you monthly, do a quick assessment of what your missing, and then shop to fill the small voids. 
Special Add On – In addition to being an excellent bargain hunter Gelty is amazing at organizing closets.  No matter what your closet has to offer in terms of space Gelty can make it work and look like an organized dream.

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