Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I can't stop thinking about these pants.

How can you blame me? Cute, comfy, stylish, reasonably priced (especially when I plan to wear them almost everyday).
I saw these over the weekend, when shopping for a new friend/client, on a sales person.  She had them on in black, with a sweater half tucked in, and flats. I'm not normally a Free People fan.  While "festival wear" is all the rage on fashion blogs these days, even the festivalites are ready for a little change.  Hence my apprehension about going into the store and actually checking the pants out for myself.

With minutes to spare before I had to be home, I popped into the store just to take a peek. I didn't have time to try them on, but loved them even more at second sight. When I could get close I could truly see the fabric and it is fantastic. It is far better than sweatpants, much more luxurious than any pair of work pants you own. 

So go for it, get them in black or red, dress them up or dress them down. If nothing else, wear them to work instead of a dress.  You'll love them, I promise.
Free People, Drapey Pocket Pant, $78

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