Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I am a little nervous to post this.

About a month ago I was at my favorite Denver store, Last Call, and saw my dream Gucci bag for $800, marked down from $3000.  But guilt got the best of me, and I passed it up.  I have been thinking about it ever since.  So I spent yesterday, calling EVERY Last Call store in the country looking for it. Don't judge me, we all have our vices. Alas, the bag is sold out.

I found out from another fashion blogger that Gucci is having a 1/2 off sale that started over the weekend. I thought I could find my dream bag on sale and call it a day.  But of course, Gucci doesn't make the bag anymore.  I searched every resale online site, I called every Gucci outlet, and I swear my dream bag is not available at my dream price point.

My dream bag, priceless

I am now really kicking myself.  But then today I decided to call the Gucci store in Aspen.  Since 4:30 this afternoon Danielle in Aspen has been sending me sale pictures, quoting me prices, digging in the back closet to find a steal for me.  If you are in the market for a designer bag, you should call Danielle in Aspen.  Here are a few pics of the goods and the phone # for the Aspen store, 970-920-9150

Prices range from $650 to $1500.  You can see some additional bags online, but you have to ask Danielle for the website.

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