Friday, January 9, 2015

Be Different, It's Very "In"

I think one of my favorite this to shop for is the perfect handbag.  I have a ton in my closet, that I use for a while and then retire because I get bored with it, or find something better. I recently joined a local Facebook group in Denver, where people post about the goods they make. Naturally I joined, because I like to make people look good (those who can't, teach, right?) . Anyway, the founder of the group makes BEAUTIFUL handmade leather bags, all one of a kind.  Her posts really caught my eye a few weeks back, but today, this stunner made me excited.
 Upon perusing the site even more, I came across this clutch, which is equally fantastic.  

All designs  are made from designer, ethically sourced leather,  in different treatments, colors and textures.

These are truly great bags, with a different edge.  The next time you're shopping about and looking at someone's handbag, wondering if it is real or fake, and having some bag envy think of this post and go buy one of these bags.  I promise you'll get compliments and you'll know, your bag is the real deal, one of a kind, beauty.

You can see more bags at or
Full size bags range from $125-$175, wallets and wristlets from $45-$60.

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