Monday, March 9, 2015

Victoria, I think even you can smile about this.

In Cherry Creek North, is a fantastic store, MAX.  Walking in on the upper level you can easily be intimidated by the prices.  Think New York City, Fifth Ave, not a single item on sale.

But tucked away in the back of the store, is a small stairwell that leads to amazing treasures.  At the end of this rainbow is a fantastic pot of gold. You can call it the designer jackpot if you'd like, because that is literally what it is.  You will find clothes from Lavin, Bottega, Maria Cornejos, Celine and a variety of designers you've never heard of, but can't get enough of.  To top it all off, the prices are insane.

I stopped in today and found at least four things I had to convince myself I could live without.  But for those of you on the quest for some new spring items, you need to get in there soon.  These two dresses from Victoria, By Victoria Beckham were two of the fantastic articles I found for astonishing prices.

Victoria, By Victoria Beckham, Cotton Dress in Navy Borderie Anglaise, originally $595, now $99.

Victoria, By Victoria Beckham, Silk Tee Mini-Dress, originally $920, now $99.

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