Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mother's Day or Father's Day, you choose.

I came to a conclusion this morning, that Mother's Day is about the moms.  Dads of the world take their kids for the day, so moms can take a break.  Father's Day is also about the moms.  Moms convince their husbands that they need to spend much needed time with the kids, alone. Being the methodical creatures that we are, we support this bonding activity in an attempt to have another "break."

After wearing this kids out at the pool this morning, we went home so they could take a nap. Sadly, the hubs needed a little rest too, so off I went.

 If you've never been, Gabarini's is a fantastic boutique in Cherry Creek, with great labels and amazing selection.  I normally save my shopping trip to Gabarini's for July's sidewalk sale, when it is common to find items originally over $100 for 75% off or more. But today, while on a detour to Target "Boutique" I stumbled upon sales signs, outside their door, calling my name. I had to go in.

Let's say is together now, "buy one, get one free".  I couldn't believe it.  Racks upon racks of goodies.  Here is the shoe rack, where I easily could have bought every pair in my size. 

But then I hit the clothing racks, only to find more things I wanted.  Thankfully, the sale wasn't full of stipulations.  If I wanted, which I did, to buy a pair of shoes and get a pair on pants for free, that was o.k.  Simply put, this sale was like a dream come true. Below are just some the amazing finds from today, from left to right.

Benson NYC camo pants- $29, originally $113.
Monrow purple linen pants- $49, originally $140
Etienne Marcel printed jeans- $98, originally $175
Marrakech stripped linen pant, with the cutest ruffle pockets- $109, originally $135.

 The sale lasts until the product is gone. So go in, buy the pants I love, since I didn't, and get a free pair of something else awesome.
The pants I could live in.   

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