Monday, June 8, 2015

My Case for Dresses

Nothing says summer like a breezy dress.  Well, one hundred degree heat also says summer, but I digress.

Dresses are the end all be all of easy dressing.
1) There is nothing to mix and match
2) Getting dressed is a one step process
3) Buying a dress can be the most economical way to get dressed, especially when they are on sale and the marked down again.

Imagine this... Monday morning, after hitting the snooze button five times and now running more than five minutes late and you have no idea what to wear to work (I am not saying this always happens me Monday through Friday ).  Quick check of the weather and sweltering heat is in the forecast.  You go to your closet and find this or this....
Whit Cow-Print Swingy Dress, $86.80

Halston Heritage Sleeveless Ruched Dress, $72.28
You think to yourself, life is good, your dressed in two second flat and walk out the door.  You might even have time to get a Starbucks coffee with the time and money you saved.

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