Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fake it Until You Make It

I spent the majority of my week meeting amazing women. These women have all started their own successful businesses, or spend day and night raising children and working in their homes. In some instances the women did both.  With each encounter, when addressing my business, the recurring question out there was what can I so for new moms and their look?

All of us  with children know exactly what I am talking about, the postpartum blues.  You're not pregnant, but you look like you are. You're weeks, if not months away, from fitting into your old clothes.  And for some, fitting into your old clothes might not ever happen.  I swear my hips are never going back.  If I could take the width of my hips and move it to my less than perky butt, life would be pretty good.  But until then, I, and all of us need, to work with what we've got.

So in those exhausting weeks between coming home from the hospital and getting four hours of sleep a night, PLEASE wear whatever your heart desires. In all likelihood  you're not leaving the house anyway.  But when your mom comes to visit and offers to babysit so you and your partner can go to dinner and virtually sleep over a good meal, you want to look like your old self.  Unfortunately you can't. So fake it until you make it (I'm not referring to your mood here, this is a fashion blog after all).

Here it is, the most appropriate, non-maternity dress that doesn't cost a lot of money (it is actually less than the cost of the four cocktails you wish you could have with dinner).

Gap Chambray Pintuck Dress, $41.99, available at
Here is how you get your money's worth out of the dress. On cold nights put your nursing tank on underneath, throw on some tights or leggings and some knee high boots. On warm nights, skip the tank and tights, put on some flats, and head out the door.  If you feel like living on the edge and venturing out during the day, put on your slip on tennis shoes and hit the town.  

If you need more ways to wear this dress, you should probably hire me. Otherwise, I expect the Gap to be sold out by the end of day tomorrow!

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