Monday, July 13, 2015

90% off, Steals my Heart Again.

$278 shoes for $26

$195 shoes for $26
$265 pants for $29
$255 shrug sweater for $29

This time every year, Cherry Creek hosts a sidewalk sale for all the merchants. Discounts vary by store, but without a doubt, there are some amazing finds.  Traditionally, the sale runs from Thursday to Sunday, but a lot of retailers are starting the sale early.  Garbarini's is one of them, and their sale cannot be missed. 

I went in today and, without exaggeration, could have easily spent five times the amount I did.  I was so impressed with the selection, I brought a client into the store, right after I left.  She proceeded to spend a fair chunk of change on two dresses, two pants, two pair of shoes, two tops and jean shorts.  She easily bought $3000 worth of merchandise for a faction of the cost. 

The best way to tackle the sale, is to go early, and ask for help!  I don't care if you need to take a vacation day to get there before Thursday, I am not here to judge you.  Come Thursday, it will be so busy, you'll be lucky to see whats available.  Two of the four items mentioned above are pictured below.  These are the work staples I found, your selection will likely be different.  If you are a size 2-6 the selection is unreal. Beautiful dresses for $95, that were well over $400 to begin with. Novelty denim galore with super fun tops to match.  Not a size 4, that's ok!  There is still plenty to choose from, including gorgeous leather jackets, shoes, beautiful handbags, tops, etc.  

 Milly Cropped Trousers, originally $265, now $29.  Proud these are now my pants, sad that this is not my butt.

Michael Kors, Suede Wedge Sandal, originally $195, now $26
Please go visit Garbarini's and tell them Gelty sent you, 239 Detroit Street, in Cherry Creek North

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  1. If you don't go with fashionista Gelty, and would like assistance finding gorgeous clothes that fit your body type, ask for Timothy Rollins @ Garbarini. He's never steered me wrong!