Monday, July 6, 2015

Fashionable Finds Fit for Those Approaching Forty and Those Already Forty-Four

Do you see these pants?  Of course you do. I've put them front and center to the page.
Banana Republic, Sleek Wide Leg Gaucho Pant
Why you ask? Because between now and the end of August, or possibly later, these pants are going to be front and center of your wardrobe.  In the last two days I have helped two women build out their work wardrobes.  One needed a complete overhaul (she also bought these in white) and the other needed some refinement for a business trip. One was a  super sweet mom of two boys who runs a business with her husband, the other, also super sweet (I have to say this, she's my friend), works in Tech and travels abroad regularly for work.  The latter is also my Sunday drinking partner, which is a total digression, but clearly illustrates how these two women live totally different lives.

They do however, have one two things in common. 1) Both were apprehensive of the pant at first sight. 2) They fell in love instantly, once they put them on.

The versatility of these pants is endless.  Tucked in blouse with cute shoes, like the model above, is great for work.  A lace top with sexy heels turn this look from work to workin' it. You can match it with a cropped top and flats. You can throw on a t-shirt and some espadrilles and go to brunch. 

Have I convinced you yet?  No? Ok, what if I told you they are on sales now at Banana Republic for about $62. And, for another $20-$30 you can find a really cute, event appropriate, top in their countless sale racks that are now an extra 60% off the sale price. 

I hear all of the women out there standing at 5'2" saying "I cant wear a cropped pant."  Yes you can!  All you need is a high heel to elongate your leg. Try one in nude and everyone will think you're 5'5".  Save your flip flops for your sweatpants.

Long story short- go to Banana Republic this week and elevate your style a bit, without spending a ton of money.  If you need my help, needless to say, I am well versed in their current inventory

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  1. I love love love these, thank you for making me try them on! I tried them on with a bunch of tops/shoes when I got them home and they are incredibly versatile!