Monday, August 25, 2014

Ann, I'll Admit I Was Wrong

I can honestly say I haven't purchased much at Ann Taylor in recent years.  Though I walk by one quite regularly (because you know, I'm addicted to shopping) I never go in.  That is, until yesterday when I was trying to avoid the dreaded nap time for my toddler.  Much to my surprise there was a TON of really cute stuff. It became even better when I found the sale stuff was an additional 50% off!
This is a hard time of year to shop. You feel bad forking over cash for something you might just wear a few times before the season ends.  Not to worry, I can help you justify spending any amount of money on clothes 365 days a year.  You can take a lighter weight summer item and wear it into fall by adding layers.  A wool sweater in 80 degree heat is a little harder to justify.

Take for example this skirt! This month pair it with some cute flats and a skinny t-shirt.  Next month add some tights, knee high boots and a cute denim jacket.  In December, trade the denim for your favorite bulky knit.

Pintucked Georgette Skirt

This blouse is also transferable into the fall. Wear it with a cute long open cardigan or your leather jacket and skinny jeans.  If you're feeling super edgy now you can wear it cut-off shorts and some wedges.

Embroidered Femme Top

Both items combined came to $76 at checkout.  What a deal.  Ann Taylor, Gelty will be back


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