Thursday, August 21, 2014

Canned Goods, Literally

I am not the most philanthropic person around, for unknown reasons, really.  But when I hear of something great that helps others I am usually all for it.  So the other day I am out and about shopping for a change and I across these awesome earrings!
I come to find out that the man who made these (out of tin cans nonetheless) did so in an attempt to give his wife a traditional tin gift on their ten year anniversary.  Instantly I'm in love ( with the earrings of course ). Then to top it all off I find out that a can of food is donated to a reputable organization with each purchase.  Move over Toms, fashion over comfort any day of the week!

So excited about my good deed I wore them the very next day and received a ton of compliments! To make it even better my ears got a break from the heavy earrings I LITERALLY wear everyday! The product is weightless!

The owner and creator of these beauties lives in Denver and sells his product at various retailers across the state.  They are also available in Illnios and online at Etsy.

Seattle, Portland, Bay Area, Denver peeps, this product is right up your alley!  I encourage all of you find something you like on the canned goods site and buy, buy, buy.

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  1. Great write-up! You can find CANNED GOODS at Plum Consignment if you are in the Stapleton {Denver, CO} neck of the woods. We just received a new shipment today!