Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How to Wear a Midi-skirt

So two things happened to me today that I never thought were possible.
  • I found an article of clothing that I love at a consignment shop
  • It so happens to be a denim skirt that I have been on the quest for for well over three years. I know that this seems silly, but 99% of denim skirts make me look ten pounds heavier than I am.  I was looking for the perfect mix of slimming and slouchy and believe it or not that is hard to come by.  
I present to you a midi denim skirt by MOTHER
Originally $82 purchased for $20
Now I am confronted with how to wear a midi! A little online research and I am convinced of the following.
  • High-heel, pointed toe shoes are a must (see yesterday's post)
  • Slim fitting top with the perfect length just above the hip (I could wear a crop top, but trust me, you don't want to see me in one)
  • Or for the first time since 9th grade I can consider tucking in a shirt. 
Here are some of the looks I saw online and love!  Go out get a midi, I think you'll love it too.


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