Monday, August 4, 2014

Back to School

Just weeks away from back to school and the ever pressing issue of what your kids should wear.  For those of you lucky enough to have children too young to really have their own opinion, count your blessings.  For those of you with pre-teen and teens this can be a rough time of year.  We will start to see all kinds of Back to School sales in the coming weeks, but we thought for today, the first Monday in August, that we would focus on an oldie but a goodie, and see what the GAP has to offer for fall trends and sales.

The Gap online, usually runs some sort of discount daily.  Today card members get 40% off their purchase, 35% off for everyone else.  Because their clothes are so reasonably priced the discount makes them outright inexpensive and perfect for your kids who will change their minds on a dime about what they want to wear.

A great fashion trend right now is a modern mix of girlish/ boyish styles together in single outfits.  This can be perfect for the girl who just wants to be one of the guys, but still be a girl, without the androgyny factor.  Try some of these ideas for your kids, all found at the Gap.

*Tights, a denim skirt, hi-top sneakers and a sweatshirt
* Pattern leggings, ankle boots, and a quilted jacket with a logo t-shirt.
* A-line dress, high-tops or booties, jean jacket and tights.
* Black jeans, button down blouse of choice with a floral or girly plaid print

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