Friday, November 21, 2014

All Things Do Eventually Come Around Again

It is a good thing flannel shirts are back in style.  Thanks to my oh-so-fashionable husband, I found out that LL Bean is opening their first store in Colorado today.

Back in the early 90’s LL Bean was one of the only places to shop in the town I lived in.  All of my high school friends can attest to the fact that I lived in their flannel shirts and leggings.
Is it a coincidence that both of these things have come back into style?
I think so.

Regardless ladies, flannel shirts are like a dream come true.  They can be risqué, they can be modest, they are warm without the bulk, they can be used in the bedroom to allure your partner.  Long story short, you should go get one today.

The first two-hundred people to visit the store get a gift card, valued up to $500.  If you’re so lucky, perhaps the shirt you choose will be free.  If not, $39.95 is a steal.

Here is my pick from their collection- The Freeport Flannel- offered in a variety of colors.

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