Sunday, November 16, 2014

How did a week go by?

I don't know how a week went by since my last post, time is flying.  Last week was busy with three closet edits.  I had the pleasure of meeting two amazing women, Sharon and Amy, who both have amazing life insights.  I can only aspire to be so accomplished.  While they taught me a lot, I think I actually taught my life long friend something, in my third closet edit for the week.

Alison lives in a beautiful home is Park Hill. And as is typical with the homes in the neighborhood, the closets are small.  They are exceptionally small when sharing with another adult and two small kids.  I walked into the master bedroom and saw the closet that Alison shares with Jeff, and it was busting at the seams.  So much so, that Jeff had four articles of clothing hanging, because there simply wasn't room for his things.  I like Jeff a lot, so clearly something had to be done.

First step, pull out all the clothing.

Then we made four piles- donate, resale, summer, keep.  And one by one, piece by piece we determined the articles' future.  The result was this.



Recycle (I think Alison's dry cleaner is going to pay her for these hangers :) )

The final result- clothes they can see.

In addition to all of this, I think Alison now knows to not keep the things that don't fit, haven't been worn, have holes, or have seen better days.  We identified just a few things Alison needs to make all of these clothes more wearable.  I think today we are going to head out shopping.

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  1. Thank you again so much! I love opening my closet and finding things again!