Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Please Don't Let This Be You

Is this how you feel when wearing tights and nylons? I am fairly certain that is how a girl I work with felt today.  Walking into the break-room, all of 25 years old, strutting in her black high heels, with a tri-fold belly.  WHY would she do this to herself?  I literally have no idea.  Aside from the fact that nylons are totally passe and absolutely unnecessary for anyone under the age of 75, why go through a nine-hour work day feeling like the girl in this picture?

Don't despair, Donna Karan is here.  Imagine the most comfortable control top without the unbearable band that constantly rolls down (don't pretend this doesn't happen to you).  Tomorrow on your lunch hour or instead of happy hour, go buy these tights.  They will change your life. I know they have changed mine.

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