Friday, October 3, 2014

My Lady Crush

I have a major crush on Alexa Chung. It all started with my constant quest for perfect hair, which by the way I will never have. I think it's because I am constantly trying to make my hair something that it isn't. Anyway, back to my crush. This girl is adorable, great style, fun hair, and she looks like she comes by it all honestly. She has that classic "I look awesome, but didn't try" attitude that I'd pretty much die for.  Today on Whowhatwear was an article about dressing like a celebrity without the budget, and there she was, my girlfriend (errr I mean fashion idol).
Right? Now you see what I am talking about! I think I will go get this outfit today. Because nothing says stalker like imitating your idol.  Just kidding. I am going to buy the less expensive options from the links below.

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