Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How To Not Hate Your Legs

I was working with a client the other day, whose body I would kill for, that hates her legs. She thinks she is pale and has knobby knees. Despite the fact that tans are out of fashion and her legs are awesome, perception is reality.   We've all been there, hating a part of our body that everyone else perceives to be just fine. Thankfully for this client pencil skirts and knee high boots are totally in fashion. Combined they result  in a beautiful silhouette without an ounce of skin showing.
Today Shopbob is offing 25% off your purchase.  You can easily replicate this look by adding a pencil skirt to your wardrobe and matching it with boots you already have. I personally love this one, on sale at Shopbob now. Match it with a black or dark brown sweater and viola, amazing outfit.
Free People Geometric Plaid Pencil Skirt, $75.60 + 25% off

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