Thursday, October 23, 2014

If Only I Could Be Like Aphrodite

The goddess of love, beauty and pleasure sounds like a pretty big job, large shoes to fill. Though I'll never get there, except in my husband's eyes (wink wink) I can certainly engage as though I can, thanks to Clover Canyon.  I originally saw this brand at a Last Call store. My eyes fell upon a sequin smoking jacket that I had to have, only to find it in an extra small :(.  I saw an amazing shirt shortly after giving birth to my second daughter at the regular NM that I sadly couldn't fit into either.

I don't know what took me so long, but finally this week I signed up for email updates through their website. I am so glad I did! Today I got an email that their sale items are now discounted 50%. Forget Aphrodite, just call me Stephanie, goddess of a good deal.

Here are my pics from the sale, all available at
Furniture Weave Split Dress, $116

Grecian Bouquet Pencil Skirt, $154

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